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Banasaz Ista Construction Company (Private J.S.) was registered in Tehran on May 05, 2003, under reg.no.203117. Upon launching the head office in Tehran, the company has put into practice its main objectives under three major categories as follows:

Housing projects investment and implementation by the company
Contracting works with the government

Housing projects investment and implementation
Concurrently with the establishment of Banasaz Ista construction company, it initiated construction works at the national level, particularly in Tehran. with the capital built by the members and shareholders, the company took measures in buying real estate, obtaining construction permits, and delivery apartments ranging from 50 to 150 sqm. In from of 5 units, 10 units, and 20- unit blocks throughout Tehran, so far 250 residential units, on the whole, have been delivered to the purchasers. Furthermore, given the membership of the company in mass housing. developers trade association of Tehran province and having the design, construction, and supervision license issued by Tehran construction engineering organization, BICC engages in designing, architecture, structure, and/or supervision of urban projects in collaboration with other companies, real estate owners, and investors of the housing sector and entre into a contract with them.

Contracting work with the government
This company has received the eligibility certificate by the state management and planning organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (deputy minister s office for economy), possessing construction and building qualification grade 3, installation and equipment grade 3, roads and runways grade 4, and water grade 5. since the start of its activity, the company has concluded a contract with various organizations and departments affiliated to the Iranian government such as Tehran municipality, Iran telecommunication company, Iranian army, national Iranian gas company and ...
To name a few, and has fully completed all projects and fulfilled its commitment.
Such projects include the construction of housing and office buildings in 32 – units, 48- unit blocks, and 53-blocks, landscaping, road construction, vertical parking, road asphalt, urban public spaces including parks, sidewalks, and ... in the same context, the company has so far received appreciation letters and awards from most government employers including military, gas company, telecommunication, municipality.

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About Us

Banasaz Ista Construction Company (Private J.S.) was registered in Tehran on May 05, 2003, under reg.no.203117.